Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Private Mortgage Investing Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction - Private Mortgages Beat Traditional Investments Hands Down
Chapter 2: Private Mortgages - Why You Want To Be Involved
Chapter 3: Why Borrowers Seek Private Mortgages
Chapter 4: Five Investment Parameters
Chapter 5: The World Of Mortgages, Interest Rates, And Fees
Chapter 6: Ways To Invest
Chapter 7: Getting The Most From Your IRA
Chapter 8: Selling Mortgages And Notes
Chapter 9: Finding Potential Borrowers
Chapter 10: Verifying Property Information
Chapter 11: Insurance To Keep Your Investment Safe
Chapter 12: More Safety Measures For The Private Lender
Chapter 13: Real Estate Attorneys Are Worth The Price
Chapter 14: Bookkeeping And Taxes
Appendix 1: Forms
Appendix 2: Loan Package From Broker
Appendix 3: Private Mortgage Glossary
Appendix 4: Calculations
Appendix 5: Self-Directed IRA Trustees
Appendix 6: State Usury Laws
Appendix 7: Mortgage Procedures State by State
Appendix 8: Resources

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