Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Private Mortgage Investing the Candadian Way

I recently spoke with Shannon Dolphin who explained one aspect of Canadian Private Mortgage Investing. Here is what she said:

In Canada there is an investment vehicle conduit called MICs or Mortgage Investment Corporations. Investors receive shares for their investment which in turn is allocated to a pool of mortgages. MICs are run by Mortgage Managers who who take a small fee. MICs are growing exponentially since they provide a good solid return to investors as well as risk is mitigated against the pool of various mortgages. There are a number of rules associated with these investments to further legitimize the investment. Our company ( deals with these companies since we supply software to maintain MICs. Syndications and direct investments are also popular.
To learn more about private mortgage investing, buy and read the book by Teri B. Clark.


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